Best Bali breakfast - Nalu Bowls

A Bali breakfast is the best,

Not just because it’s Bali, but because breakfast really is a thing down there. You can get your breakfast all day, everywhere. And since a breakfast meal is my favorite meal of the day, you can imagine I had a tough time picking my favorites. I started with a top 3, but quickly expanded to a top 6. In random order, here’s my 6 favorite Bali breakfast places:

Nalu Bowls

So this is not exactly random. It’s not random that this is the place on the photo up here. Get me a Nalu Bowl and I’m a happy girl. What they are? Smoothie bowls made of fresh fruit, topped with home made granola, seeds and more fresh fruit. The one named Uluwatu – and is pictured below – is the best, cause it has dragon fruit and dragon fruit is awesome. You can check out Nalu Bowls in Seminyak, Canggu, Uluwatu and Ubud.

Best Bali breakfast - Nalu Bowls


Another Seminyak-secret is Sisterfields. Or well, not so secret, because if you go here in the morning you better be early. There’s a long line of people waiting to get in if you don’t. Why? Because they have a delicious breakfast menu! I had their brioche french toast as a birthday breakfast, best way to start the day. The takeaway acaï bowl was a great plane meal by the way.

Cafe Organic

Garden gangstas is what they call themselves over at Cafe Organic in Seminyak. As you can imagine, everything is organic. And só good. Especially the chia pudding. O and the coconut coffee you might’ve spotted on my Instagram a couple days ago.

Best Bali breakfast - Nalu BowlsBest Bali breakfast - Cafe Organic

The Spicy Coconut

This tiny place I discovered on my way from Seminyak to Canggu. At The Spicy Coconut they only serve vegan food, like chia puddings, smoothie bowls and chickpea burgers. The coconut milk coffee is great too by the way. And the interior is the cutest. Also: this is one of the few places in Bali where they don’t have wifi. So zen!


When in Bali, if you plan on taking a look in Uluwatu, you better not skip Beetroot. This looks like a really small place, but if you go up the stairs in the back you find more tables ánd a cute bar that lets you have dinner while looking at the surfer dudes pass by. Not a bad view, I can tell you.

Best Bali breakfast - Nalu BowlsBest Bali breakfast - Beetroot

Crate Cafe

Last but not least and also really fun is Crate Cafe, located on the way to the beach in Canggu. Which is convenient, because you can get the perfect pre-surf-meal here. Like avocado toast, a wrap with falafel or oatmeal with all sorts of superfoods and fresh fruits.

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