Things fashion bloggers hate

That perfect dress sold out,

A huge sale with boring items or when it’s way to cold to wear that awesome new outfit. Those are all things every fashion blogger probably hates, but they seem pretty logical to me. I mean, even non fashion bloggers would hate that, right? Which is why I’m listing things that you might not expect us to hate as much as we do.

  • Extreme sunshine
    Don’t get me wrong, I love summer and sunshine. But when taking outfit pictures, extreme sunshine is very annoying, like I experienced taking the picture up here. Those sunglasses were not supposed to be part of my outfit, but squinting your eyes all the time simply is not cute. And it gets you wrinkles.
  • Romantic lighting
    It’s very sweet and all, but how on earth am I gonna make a #fromwhereIstand or take a picture of that perfect looking cocktail? I won’t, that’s how. The perfect photo needs daylight or bright light at least so that’s a no to romance right there.
  • Dress codes
    And I’m not talking about blake tie or cocktail, I’m talking about clothing restrictions or requirements when going out. Like those ugly bowling shoes or horrible helmets you wear when going karting or something. Way to mess with my outfit.
  • A huge sale
    Yes, my wallet burns in my pocket and my eyes start to twinkle when I see that perfect item with fifty percent off, but let’s be realistic: sales are there for a reason. They’re leftovers, which means they’re usually not that cute. But because it’s such a huge discount and you already went into that shopping vibe, you buy shit anyway. And regret it.
  • Fair fashion
    Again: don’t get me wrong. Fair fashion is the bomb, of course. The thing I hate is the fact more and more facts show that some of our favorite shopping addresses just aren’t responsible. Their clothing is bad for the environment and don’t even get me started on the horrible situation the makers – kids! – of our favorite items are in. So when yet another scandal is revealed I feel guilty about my wardrobe and that’s not a good feeling.
  • Great outfits, unphotographed
    Really, it seems like a waste of outfit when you look amazing and you can’t share it on Instagram. This is probably recognizable for all the fashion bloggers that do not have a boyfriend that’s an amazing photographer. I mean, your friends will get sick of you pretty fast if you keep asking them to take a pic of you being all fashionable.

FYI, don’t take this post too seriously. Life of a fashion blogger really isn’t that hard and we’re really not that shallow. Or well, most of us aren’t. 

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