Fashionista's summer holiday packing list

Only two more days,

And I will be on a plane to Greece. Are you surprised to hear I can’t wait? Thought so. But I don’t just get on that plane. No, there’s a lot of planning involved and a lot of lists. You see, I’m a total list girl. I make lists for lists I have to make. Are you lost yet?

Anyhow, of course I make multiple summer holiday packing lists. But because you will go completely lost – I know I am – reading them all, I combined them into a few essentials. So which must haves most definitely have to be on a fashionista’s summer holiday packing list? FYI, of course there’s a lot more; these are just the most fun.

  1. That flamingo up here. How cute is he?
  2. Magazines, because it may be a holiday; you still need to keep the trends in mind.
  3. A beach bag that fits everything from that cozy hamam towel to all that sunscreen; no way you’re turning red.
  4. A big floppy head, to protect you against the sun and makes you able to hide when you need to.
  5. Accessories. There’s such a tight limit on the kilo’s you can pack, there’s no room for tons of outfits. So create tons of outfits with small – light! – accessories.
  6. Flats. Also about those kilo’s. Heels take up so much space and are way heavier than flats. Also: how many times are you gonna wear them, honestly.
  7. Sunglasses; they’re the best accessory every time all the time.
  8. Sneakers; in case you want to take a hike. Or just be stylish, since sneakers are totally hot right now.
  9. Skirts ánd shorts, because you might want to go scooter driving or do any other activity where skirts are just not the best idea.
  10. Multiple flowy dresses for that amazing bohemian beach look.
  11. Fancy dress. Maybe not on top of mind, but who knows? There might be a fancy restaurant you’d like to visit so better be prepared.

Do you have any other suggestions? Let me know!

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