Red lipstick inspiration

And neither does a lot,

Right? I for one am very much obsessed with lipstick right now. Different shades of pink, purple and even orange have been spotted on my lips. But the one I’m most hooked on? Red of course. Which is why I thought it was time for some red lipstick inspiration.

Indecent red lips

Because who doesn’t love red lips? So you may have to be careful not to leave red lips all over the place – no kissing! – and it does have to be applied very specifically as to not look like a clown.. And did you know that until the late 18th century it was considered indecent in Europe to wear red lipstick in a public place?

Pros and cons

Luckily those times are over because aside from all the above, red lips do have a lot of pros over cons to. It’s sexy, yet sophisticated and it’s way quicker than to use eye shadow to finish a look. Hello time saver!

Stylish inspiration

Also: it will make you look very stylish. My personal favorite? An all black outfit. And the strips of course. Awesome combined with red lipstick, it’s an accessory on it’s own really. Anyhow, let’s go look at the fun part: red lipstick inspiration!

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