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Remember when I recently,

Got bitten by the redecorating bug and started looking for ways to switch up my interior without spending loads of money? Well, I discovered loads of ways to give your home a new look, especially if you have a white wall like mine.

Perfect base

Before my small DIY redecoration project, I headed over to Pinterest for some inspiration. It turns out that white is the perfect base to anchor your room’s decor. It allows you to change up your style by decorating in different ways as often as you want to. It can also really bring out the finishes in your room. This works best if you have natural hardwood floors. These would contrast beautifully with white walls, so you can just apply varnish and leave them as they are – simple, cheap and classy!

Photo wall

I decided to create a photo wall from a selection of some of my favorite photos. The white walls provided the perfect background to showcase the photos after I printed and framed them. Best of all, this was not the least bit expensive. You too can recreate this look in your home. If your walls have shelving, half your task is already done. If not, use hooks to turn your blank walls into a museum-worthy arrangement of which you’ll be proud.

Fun windows

If the white walls in your room are broken by windows, you can add a fun touch by dressing them with coloured window shutters. Bright colors can add visual appeal and make any space appear light and airy. To complete the look, scatter brightly colored cushions on seats, place some layered rugs on the floor, or put some textured shades on your lamps and watch the room come to life.

Metallic touch

I have noticed that the latest trends in interior décor favour pairing neutral tones, such as grey or white, with classic metallic colours. The crispness of white walls provides an excellent backdrop for copper, gold or brass accents to result in a truly warm and inviting room. You can get this look by incorporating metallic furniture, light fixtures or even metallic sculptures and artwork into your room’s décor. A plush area rug can soften the overall style of the room, preventing it from looking too hard.

Whether you decide to go with monochrome prints on the furniture or opt for a full-on colour attack, white walls are easy to accessorise and style. Apply some elbow grease, some splashes of colour and hints of creativity, and you’ll have quite a fancy home to live in.

Photo: Modern kitchen-bath 

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