There are so many awful stories about clothing factory’s in countries like Bangladesh, India and China. Let me ask you: do you know where your clothes come from? I know I don’t, which is pretty stupid when you think about. You don’t want to contribute to factories where eight year old kids are working their ass off for ten cents a day, do you?

That’s what the designers of Afriek thought. This new fashion label produces jackets that are handmade in Rwanda, by tailors that get paid for what they do ánd get credit for it. Because on the label of the item you purchase you can see exactly where it was made, who it was made by and what is the number of your item.

So that’s all great of course, but how do they look? Great as well! Dutch designer Jo Luymes got inspired by the colorful streets of Rwanda and used only African fabrics from Ivory Coast and Nigeria. Colorful and beautiful prints that all carry their own story, which is also displayed on the label by the way. Care to know one of those stories? Afriek will be in stores as of February, be sure to check up on their website or follow their Facebook-page to see when and where you can get one of these beauties.

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