Happy birthday to Nike! Their Air Max is blowing out 27 candles today, which means the first pair of Air Max was released over two years before I was born! How crazy. Anyway, this seems like a good day to introduce to you: my new babies! I’m completely in love.

It feels like I’m walking on air while wearing them. Total cliche, but my fellow Air Max-owners will know what I’m talking about. Seeing as I’m used to walking on heels or simple flats, this is a big improvement and my feet are very pleased with me. By the way, do you think the Air Max birthday is a good excuse for me to buy another pair? Who am I kidding, you don’t need an excuse to buy a pair of these pretty things. It’s an investment in the health of your feet really.

Nike made a pretty cool summery showing the evolution of the Air Max. Also, they designed a limited edition pair. Not my cup of tea really, but check it out for the fun of it.


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