…is a new watch. This watch. Because let’s face it: I could use some help in getting someplace on time. Sounds like a good excuse right? Which is why I’m seriously doubting if I should just buy this beautiful watch for myself as an early Christmas present.

The thing is, we don’t really celebrate Christmas with the family or anything. Well, we do get together and eat until we’re sick, but there’s no presents involved. So I can write my Santa letters all I want, there’s not gonna be a present under my tree I’m afraid.

Which doesn’t make the me wanting this watch any less. And I’ve wanted it since I first discovered the simple but classy style that is Daniel Wellington. It’s a brand that adopted the preppy style, which doesn’t quite fit mine. But who doesn’t love an elegant timepiece like this one? The leather band combined with the fine, subtle gold goes with practically everything. Do you reckon I need any more excuses to buy myself this beauty?


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