Alzheimer Socks

Mismatching socks aren’t,

Usually my go to look, but for these I’ll gladly make an exception. Not because these socks are a designer pair, designed by two of the greatest in the Netherlands. Well, maybe a little. But mostly because these socks represent a great cause. Alzheimer’s. A horrible decease that needs way more research than it gets right now.

1 out of 5

Did you know one out of five people gets alzheimer’s or another kind of dementia? An awful thought. Which is why with this project Dutch designers Mart Visser and Frans Molenaar – who had alzheimer’s before he passed away last January – designed these Alzheimer Socks. Two different socks that symbolize the confusion that’s daily life for people who suffer from this decease.

Money well spent

So buy these socks and with that, donate to the VUmc Alzheimerscentre. Every cent of the profit will go there so you know it’s money well spent. What are you waiting for?

Alzheimer Socks

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