Running shoes

Summer is coming,

Which means we have to work on that summer body again and start working out. Last year I picked up running again and found out I still wasn’t good at it. At all. This year though, I’m in a practice-makes-perfect kinda mood and so I’ll try again. Though I wanna look good doing it. Which means I need some new shoes.

Which means I started shopping online of course, because that’s what I do. I’d love the pair up here, bright white Nike Roshe Runs. But knowing me and knowing Dutch, rainy summers, that’s not a good idea. They’ll be dirty in no time.

A quick look at my favorite online shoe shop, Invito, already got me a huge wish list of running shoes that are a little more . Which you find down here. Seriously, I can’t decide between plain black, fashionable grey or a fun color or print. Hello leopard!


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