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It’s not my usual thing to talk about venues instead of clothes. But I came across this article on Wallpaper and I thought: I need to share this. It’s funny how much time and effort they put into creating these venues – have you seen Dior and I? – when it’s actually all about the clothes. Guess packaging matters too. So I picked my top three. Make sure you check out the rest too, it’s amazing.


Of course. Like I said, the documentary on Raf Simons first season already showed how much is put into runway venues. And who thought they were gonna outdo themselves again after those walls of flowers? Well, they did. Flowers again,  but in a futuristic instead of romantic manner. With lots of white and robotic arms with spotlights all over.

Best runway sets, Chanel


Speaking of trading in romance for future, how about Chanel? This is like a space ship control centre or something. Actually, it’s an airport and the models were accompanied by male models looking like pilots and stewards. But still, have you ever traveled from or to an airport looking like this? I’d love to though.

Best runway sets, Valentino

I don’t even know what this looks like, what to compare it too. Except maybe some sort of ancient arena in wood? Yeah, I know that doesn’t make any sense. The venue in which the tribal-inspired collection showed, is actually an auditorium. And there was drum music involved. That must have been quite the thing to visit.

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