Snowboard fashion 2017

Snowboard fashion for 2017,

Wait, what? Do you need a new outfit for every year? Well, of course you don’t. Unless you’re a millionaire, because snowboard gear is very freaking expense. So my idea? Just buy one new item every year.

Once a year, or twice

Last year I sneaked in two. I bought a new pair of pants but it was plain black so I decided to get myself a leopard printed neckwarmer. Best buy ever, because it turned out to be -21 degrees the first couple of days I was in Val Thorens.

Fashion favorites

Anyhow, whether you’re buying it or not, brands will bring you new collections each season anyway. Which is a good thing really, because it gives us plenty of choices. Am I bringing one or two jackets this year? Which goggles am I wearing today? What hat will fit the après ski best? You get the drill. Here’s my snowboard fashion 2017 favorites:

Billabong | Roxy | BurtonO’neill | DCRoxy

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