imageGo shawty, it’s my birthday! We’re gonna party like, it’s my birthday! Well, that party is not gonna be for another week and a half, but it is indeed my birthday today. Hence the overly happy photo right here.

I’m turning 24 today, which I think is quite old. I always thought 23 was the perfect age so having to change that number in all my profiles and bio’s will be just a little bit painful. And yes, I know I’m a dramaqueen, but have you not met me? I might have a midlife-crisis already.

Anyway, as you know I already celebrated my birthday with my family last weekend so today is really nothing special. Actually: I’m at work. But still: it’s my birthday!

By the way: check out my new favorite jacket! It’s so colorful and fun! I recently bought it at Miss Etam and I’m totally in love with it. You’ll get a better look soon.


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