Black sneakers Mercer Amsterdam

So many sneakers,

Yet none of ‘em are black. None in my collection that is. Crazy right? About time I went looking for the perfect black pair. There’s only one problem: there’s so much to choose from! And if there’s one thing I can’t handle, it’s too many options.

I mean, should I go all black? White soles? A little bit of leopard? Colorful details? That last one never really was an option, until I spotted the ones from Mercer up here. Love at first sight, definitely. Too bad they are quite expensive and there’s so much more on my winter wish list – we wíll talk about that later – so that’s a no. On to the next one.

Except it’s not a matter of just one that follows. It’s multiple ones. You see, a black sneaker is so damn easy. It’s casual so it fits perfectly with a jeand and t-shirt kinda look, but also dresses down a fancy outfit without it being too out there. Just my type of shoe. I guess I need to have a good look at these black sneaker beauties before I can decide. Which is your favorite?

Black sneakers

Adidas H&M | DKNYNike | Reebok | Filling Pieces

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