Swedish girl Lisa Olsson has had her blog for a while now and she is one of the first I decided to follow as an aspiring journalist and fashion lover about six years ago. Lisa’s website was one of the first I ran into because I was really into Devote – a Swedish website – back then. And I decided to stick around, because this girl got style!

And that style really is what spoke to me, because it’s quite inspiring. Not simple, but still casual. Like a big knitwear sweater on a fancy leather skirt and high heels combined with jeans and a cute blazer. Which is what I would definitely wear too, though sometimes it is a little too much for me (I’m talking golden shorts and crop tops). Her style transformed throughout the years, but I must say: I still love it! And the best thing: since her blog got more reads, she decided to translate her articles to English too! Which means I can now read them as well as watching them. No, my Swedish is not very good.

Anyway, here’s some of my favorite looks by Lisa and of course I can recommend you taking a look at her website. It’ll be worth it! By the way, did you notice this is a new thing I did? I decided to regularly share some of my favorite bloggers here, because let’s face it: we can all use some extra inspiration every now and then right?


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