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Discovering new fragrances,

Is one of my favorite beauty things to do. I love new smells, especially if they’re flowery, yet spicy. A little bit of what some would call a heavy smell but still somewhat fresh, you know? Anyhow, I recently discovered AERIN perfumes. Founded by Estee Lauder’s granddaughter Earin Lauder. Love it.

As you can see up here, there’s five different fragrances to choose from: Amber Musk, Lilac Path, Ikat Jasmin, Gardenia Rattan and Evening Rose. I tested the last one. “The pairing of Rose and Cognac are intriguing and unexpected, like the allure of an evening in the city”, is hat Aerin says about that one and it’s pretty much what it is. Like I said: flowery yet spicy.

It made me so curious about the other AERIN fragrances. Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to smell the other ones, but of course I’m planning on doing just that. And I’m seriously considering adding the Evening Rose to my standard collection, if only because the flask looks stunning.

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