Chanel webshop

See these beauty’s up here?

Soon those will be available online. I’m talking about the clothes of course, before you get too shocked. Though it’s quite shocking, because those clothes are Chanel and Chanel has never been all that excited about online sales.

We’ll have to wait until September – which is my birthday month, this cannot be a coincidence – but then we can go all out! If you can afford it, that is. Doesn’t make it any less exciting though, can you believe that right now there is not one possibility to get a Chanel wardrobe online?

The reason? Online shopping can never replace the feeling and atmosphere you get in a boutique. And also, Karl Lagerfeld says, you have to touch and feel the fabrics. But you know, it’s 2015 and we’re busy people. And the fashion house gets that now. Only I’m still wondering about is what this precious Chanel webshop will look like.

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