While our thoughts are still thinking about what to wear this summer, designers are already showing us what we’re wearing next year. Like Christopher Bailey did for Burberry Prorsum, his thoughts on summer in 2015 might be a little strange this time though. 

Bucket hats. Pink. On men. Let that sink in for a while, because I’m pretty sure this will not be your everyday view. Christopher Bailey designed this collection as a love letter to the novelist and travel writer Bruce Chatwin and even though I’m a big fan of inspiration like that ánd I usually love everything Christopher does, I’m not so sure about this one.

It’s not the first time Burberry Prorsum turns to art for inspiration and it will – fortunately – not be the last. But I certainly do hope we will not see these suede bucket hats again. Not in pink, nor in any other color. I do love the big bags however. Who says only girls carry around their life all day?

Images: Dazed


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