Bulgari Aqva Divina

Just in: this beautiful piece up here.

Is it a jewel? No, it’s Bulgari’s latest fragrance Aqva Divina. Which is an ode to ancient Greek and Roman beauty. And beauty is what it smells like. Might this be the perfect fragrance for the summer?

It’s a result of an intense collaboration between the Italian brand and various world famous perfumers, who were all looking for the most valuable elements and used advanced technologies to make every ingredient count. Sounds complicated right? I know, which is why I’m more interested in the smell it got eventually than the road it took to get there.

So let’s take a look at that. Ingredients like bergamot, pink ginger, magnolia, pure amber and bees wax – yes, really – make a sensual smell, woody and musky really. Just how I like my fragrances. And Bulgari Aqva Divina will be delivered to you in a flask which design is an homage to Botticelli’s Venus. Beauty!

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