Burberry, Romeo Beckhan

How cute is that photo up here? And do you recognize this kid? With a face like that, you can’t be surprised this is the son of one of the hottest men on earth. This right here is Romeo Beckham, modelling in another Burberry campaign. A lovely campaign, I might add. 

If you’re a holiday lover, you definitely want to check out this video. It’s called From London with love and it has this amazing holiday feeling spread all over it. There’s a handsome guy, pretty girl, cute boy and of course lots and lots of gorgeous clothes, did you expect anything less than classic British design?

The Burberry camel trench coats that are on everybody’s wishlist are coming at you from every corner in this campaign video, combined with those checkered cashmere scarves of course. And being a holiday video and all, it couldn’t end any different than with sparkles and fireworks all over the place. Check it out:


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