cactus interior inspiration

I’m not good with plants,

Seriously, they die on me. Which is why I decided to get myself some cacti. Three to be precise. Teeny tiny cacti.¬†That was about two years ago. Ever since I moved twice and guess what? They’re still alive! Which got me thinking: what else can I do with cacti in my home?

I mean, they’re not just easy to handle but cute too. And they give your interior a kind of boho cozyness that I like very much. So of course I went online looking for some cactus interior inspiration. And I found a lot, of course, because this plant – is it a plant? It is right? – seems to be totally hot right now.

Good thing, because there’s a lot you can do with them. Get various small ones and put them together or choose to focus on one big statement cactus. Your pick!

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