Kendall Jenner Vogue

Call me judgmental

but if you say Kardashian, fashionable is not a word that pups up in my head. Even though Kim has been way more into it since Kanye, she’s still not my number one style icon. Her little sister is doing better though. And yes, I know she’s not technically a Kardashian, but you get the point right? This Vogue editorial definitely is fashionable.

Maybe that’s the thing though, maybe it’s the Jenner side of the family that has the style-gene. Anyhow, I’m becoming more and more a fan of the Jenner-sisters style. I already was a fan of their latest collection for Pacsun and I’m loving these new photos too. Of course, these are styled by Vogue so it would be very weird if they weren’t fashionable but still.

I think it’s pretty admirable how Kendall jumped away from the reality train that is Keeping up and launched her own career like a rocket. She’s been doing shows for Chanel, is the new face of Estée Lauder and did I already mentioned this is not her first Vogue editorial? When you check out these photos, you’ll know why.


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