Carpet interior inspiration

Do you want a new interior?

Of course! But how? I mean, we’re not miljonairs are we? Luckily there is a way to change up your interior without going totally broke or deep down in debt. A carpet. And yes, I know you can also get yourself into red numbers by buying a carpet, but there are some cheap options too.

Crazy colors and weird looking patterns

And if you find the a pretty cheap one, you can give your interior a completely new look. You can go from minimalistic to all out with a Persian looking one for example. Or a colorful¬†print. But remember, carpets don’t always have to be about crazy colors and weird looking patterns. A carpet can also be very beautifully minimalistic.

Carpet interior inspiration

Which – surprise, surprise – is what I like. So when I went looking for some carpet interior inspiration I discovered a world full of options. And a mega wish list, of course.

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