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Winning combinations for women
with different body types

Celebrities may always look glamorous onscreen or in pictures, and this isn’t because they all sport Barbie’s figure—in fact, even Hollywood A-Listers have to adjust to their own body types before putting on fabulous clothes. There will always be a celebrity with the same body shape as ours, and we can make them our inspirations whenever we dress up.

Aside from being fashionable, celebrities also involve themselves in advocacies by going to fundraisers like auctions and bingo events. Most of the actresses who frequently grace these fundraisers are also avid fans of the classic bingo game, especially those who are from the UK. It would not be surprising if you see Broadway star Denise Van Outen in an Essex bingo hall, or if you catch model Katie Price chatting on interactive communities of online gaming platforms. Nowadays, social media has been a great marketing strategy for bingo brands, and some even go to fashion events to widen their clientele. For instance, a Valentino show was highlighted by FoxyBingo on Twitter when a tweet cited Victoria Beckham looking foxy in orange during the event. Because of these marketing ploys, fashion enthusiasts get welcomed into the bingo bandwagon.

Celebrities can be relied on when it comes to looking great, whether they’re at bingo socials or simply at home hosting weekend bingo games with family and friends. We can take fashion inspiration from the following celebrity bingo players if we want to pull off a winning ensemble:

Catherine Zeta-Jones
Body type: Apple shaped (inverted triangle)
Catherine usually hosts bingo games during the holidays. Monochromatic dresses are ideal for those with similar body type, like the Maria Lucia Hohan lace gown she wore at a red carpet movie premiere in LA.

Kate Moss
Body type: Banana shaped (rectangular)
Kate Moss enjoys occasional bingo games with her best friend Sadie Frost. Dresses with cinched waistlines work best for this body type. Check out Kate’s Louis Vuitton pale yellow belted frock which she wore during a trip to Tokyo.

Courteney Cox
Body type: hourglass
Courteney is rumoured to play bingo with her good friend Ricki Lake. Shift dresses look good on women with hourglass figures, like Courteney’s metallic brocade dress worn on a charity event.

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