Chanel hydra beauty

Summer is coming,

Which means our skin will need a little – or a lot – extra hydration. Luckily, Chanel came prepared. Like they always do. The Chanel Hydra Beauty line hydrates like no other. No wonder the adds have water drops all over the place.

The line has eight different products. I tested three of them: the eye gel, serum and creme. First thing I noticed? The pretty packaging of course! Typical Chanel to make me want them all in my bathroom without having tried one single thing. Luckily, they work just as well as they look.

Though I’m not all that convinced a specific eye gel is really useful, it does feel very refreshing. They all do really, like actual water on your face but more hydrating. Because yes, my skin actually does feel a little more smooth and healthy after using these three products a couple of times. But would I buy all of them? Honestly? No. Do I look like a millionaire to you?

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