This is undoubtedly a recognizable story to everyone who handles a camera quite often. You’re fashionable dressed, wearing a cool backpack and awesome accessories. Then you want to take a photo and so you reach for your camera, seeing that awful strap attached to it. Not okay!

So it might not have started exactly like that, but Dirk van der Hoeven did start Kekke Camerariem because he wasn’t able to find a fitting, good looking and affordable strap for his camera. Why not make them yourself then? And so he did, resulting into these awesome colorful and definitely fashionable camera straps.

It only started last July but the website is pretty popular already and there’s multiple stores selling these beauties right now. There’s two types of camera straps sold by Kekke Camerariem, the neoprene one and a cotton version. Both available in different prints and colors so there’s always one that fits your style.

“Everybody needs to get rid off that boring camera strap”, says Dirk and I couldn’t agree more. There’s no excuse to have your camera looking like every other camera around anymore. So what are you waiting for? Hurry over to their website and find the print that fits you best.


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