Karl Robot

Have you heard about Karl Robot?

Yep, that’s Karl Lagerfeld in robot-form. And not only him, his cute cate Choupette too. Yep, that’s the one up here. Can someone get me this purse please? I mean: look at it! It’s so sweet! Even with all the glitter and chains and strange lightning bolts. This is definitely my fave from the Karl Robot collection.

Shoppers, wallets & key chains

Anyhow, this is not the only piece of the Karl Robot collection. There’s a whole series of shoppers, wallets, key chains, sweaters and even a sandal featuring Karl Lagerfeld, the robot. I really wonder how he got to the idea of doing this. It’s the total opposite of what he does for Chanel, maybe that’s why.

Backstage video

It’s fun though and even though it’s not my style at all, I would very much like to have the one up here in my purse-collection. That is way too small anyway, if you ask me. Curious to see the rest of the Karl Robot collection? You can! And watch this funny backstage video while you’re at it.

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