Hello soccer minded fashionista’s, you better check this out! Actually, everybody should check this out because it’s pretty damn awesome. I’m talking about the collaboration between Adidas Originals and The Farm Company, which resulted in a collection filled with pretty colored floral prints.

It’s nearly World Cup time, which means themed collections are launched all over the place. Usually I don’t really notice, since I don’t plan on buying a new wardrobe for every international tournament. Though it does sound like a legit shopping excuse. Anyway, this one collaboration did catch my eye and when you take a look at the photos you’ll know why.

Adidas approached Brazilian label The Farm Company to create a clothing collection together. The bright colored prints by The Farm Company and the sporty outfits by Adidas combined resulted in these very awesome pieces. Hello pineapples, palm trees and tropical flowers! This makes me happy just looking at it.

Prices start at 30 euros for a tank top and go up to 100 euros for a
pair of shoes. You’ll find the complete collection right here.  


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