Soft silhouettes, wearable and very, very pretty. That’s how I would describe the 2015 resort collection by Chloé in a few words. I actually have some other words to add to that: I love it.

Functionality seems to be quite important to designers in 2015, even fabulous Chanel looked like you could wear it to the office. If you work in a fabulous office, that is. But still, wearable clothes are the thing next year. And of course I’m thrilled about that. The other French fashion house I adore – yes, I’m back to Chloé now – showed mostly some great pieces. I’m talking fancy skirts combined with comfi sweaters, maxi dresses with beautiful prints and one very fluffy jacket.

Now, some might think of functionality as a negative word when it comes to fashion, but Chloé proves that it doesn’t necessarily means you’re wearing sweatpants and wide T-shirts with sneakers. O wait, keep the sneakers. Though I’m a big fan of those wooden wedges too. I mean, we don’t have to be completely comfortable right?


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