Dutch actor and Golden Globe winner Rutger Hauer is adding a little fashion into his new role. Or a lot actually, because he’s Barend Fockesz – a captain from the 17th century – in a new campaign for Gaastra

‘My heart is the ocean truly.’ It’s the start of the video that goes with this new campaign. And  a truly great video if you ask me, in which you see a captain sailing the open sea whilst the story of the Flying Dutchman is told. In this scenario Rutger Hauer really is the perfect man for the job, since he loves the sea more than anything.

Did you know he’s a true supporter of Sea Shepherd? Not only is he Honory Board Member, he also made a short film dedicated to their work. You should definitely see that.

Back to the Gaastra-collection though, you’d almost forget this whole thing is about clothes. Their new collection contains signature jackets,  comfy looking sweaters and – of course – blue and white striped items. Check out the video and the photos down below and if you like it, the items are available right here.



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