Kenzo x Jungle Book

Do I really have to explain why you need to check out the Kenzo x Jungle Book collection?

Yeah, I didn’t think so. As you might have noticed: there’s a remake of the Jungle Book in theaters right now. And everybody keeps telling me how awesome it is and that I should see it so maybe I will sometime soon. It’s a Disney movie after all, how could I not? For now though, I’ll just settle for this collection.

Kenzo remake

So Kenzo decided to honor this Jungle Book awesomeness with a whole new collection. Or well, it’s not totally new. It’s a little bit of remake of the original Kenzo collection. A remake to honor a remake, how cool!

Traditional with a twitch

So what’s in it? You did recognize the traditional classic tiger printed Kenzo sweater right? Except! This one has Shere Khan on it, which makes it even more awesome. I’d say I’m gonna order it right away, but it’s still nearly 200 euros for a sweater and that’s pretty crazy. Anyhow, fun to watch so check out my favorites down here.

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