colorful faux fur coats

Colorful faux fur coats,

Sound like a heavy piece of fashion. And it is. I mean, a faux fur coat on its own is pretty heavy already. Al that hair, you have to be careful not to turn into Sesame street’s big bird. Especially if you’re a little fuller figured like me.

Black or grey

Choosing black or grey for your faux fur of choice is an easy step in that case, I get that. But why not embrace the fact that you might look like an oversized fur bal? Why not make sure you look as much like one of those fur bal keychains that are very, very hot right now?

Let’s go color shopping

You can and you should, because colorful faux fur coats really are trendy – o, how much I hate that word – this winter. So I bet you wouldn’t be the only one. I picked out some of my favorite looks. Now all that’s left to do is go shopping. But isn’t that always the case?

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