Carhartt WIP beanie

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Minus thirteen celsius in Val Thorens sometimes? I didn’t. Until I went there. Well, of course I did some research beforehand and found out on time. Which is why I went on a crazy hat hunt – can you see what I did there? – and luckily I was successful.

Carhartt WIP beanie

Because I found this pretty one up here at Zalando. Maybe you already spotted it on Instagram. It’s the anniversary edition Carhartt WIP beanie, the WATCH XXV. Which is why it looks a little bit different than your regular Carhartt beanie. Look at that cute little heart on the back!

Fulltime snow outfit

I can tell you this much: I’ve been wearing it pretty much fulltime in the snow. Except for when I was wearing my helmet of course. Anyhow, looking for some pretty Carhartt stuff yourself? Here you go. Beware, there’s a lot on sale and you’re gonna want it all. Peace!

Carhartt WIP beanie

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