COS x HAY is a thing,

And I couldn’t be more excited. I love Scandinavian brands, in fashion and interior. So what’s better than two of my favorite Scandinavian brands working together for a collection that contains – hell yes – fashion ánd interior items? Okay, so it’s not really fashion, but there’s plaids and clothing hangers so that kinda counts right? COS x HAY is happening.


Did you know HAY already designed the clothing racks at COS? So this collaboration doesn’t come out of nothing. Which doesn’t make it any less cool. Because cool it is. So cool. And why wouldn’t it be? Bot labels love minimalistic designs with playful details so this couldn’t be anything else.

The collection

Let’s get down to business. What’s in it? Well, of course it’s best if you see it for yourself, but let me share my favorites. So pretty! (PS: can you spot the coat rack? You know I need this.)

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