Diptyque fragrance

So I know it’s hard to recommend a fragrance over the internet,

But I have to talk to you about Diptyque fragrances. Honestly, I can’t even believe I never have before on this website. The reason I’m talking about this now is because I got a scented candle from my friends on my birthday. It’s the Feu de Bois-fragrance and it’s amazing. Smells like fall and that’s exactly what I needed with this bad weather out and all.

Crazily amazing

Though this is not the first time I’ve gotten into contact with Diptyque. I’ve know the label for years now. All their smells are amazing, as crazy as that sounds. But they do. And I have no comparing brand that knows how to do that.

Intens, but natural

This comes with a price though, because it’s not cheap. I’ve been having one of their perfumes on my wish list for ages now, but o, that price. But okay, it’s worth it. Diptyque fragrances are intens, but natural. No over the top smell, if you know what I mean. Anyhow, my point is: check if the sell this anywhere in your neighborhood and take about an hour to smell everything. You are welcome.

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