Imaan Hammam in Vogue

You might have spotted,

The brightly colored suit in the magazine stand already, because it’s pretty out there. Hard job to outshine that one. Luckily Dutch Vogue found a girl that can and they build a whole edition around her. The September issue nonetheless.

Who other than Imaan Hammam can pull that off? Photographer Marc the Groot already shot the editorial this gorgeous girl did for the very first edition of Vogue Netherlands back in 2012. Good thing they asked him again because the result is truly awesome.

Photographed all over the world or not: Imaan Hammam in Vogue is always a good idea. Though they opted for the first option this time. Casablanca, Paris, the Caribbean; you name it. And honestly? She looks good everywhere. No surprise she’s one of my favorite models out there. You can imagine how excited I was when this popped up on my doormat. I couldn’t keep that from you now, could I?

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