You might not recognize her without that tongue hanging out of her mouth or wearing more than just underwear, but this is in fact Miley Cyrus. She brought out her best model skills showing off Marc Jacobs‘ spring 2014 collection.

She’s been spotted in Marc Jacobs all over the place, like the Met Ball and several award shows, so this is actually not that big of a surprise. But the photos  – shot by British photographer David Sims, by the way – might be. They’re actually kinda depressing, with the stormy clouds and dark sand, and that’s how she makes it look too. I’d be a little bit happier if I wore clothes like that.

Funny thing about the photographer is that this is actually the first time David Sims has photographed for Marc. German photographer Juergen Teller had been shooting the Marc Jacobs campaigns for years, but he refused to do this one. Or so Marc Jacobs told WWD. He didn’t explain why though, which makes me curious.

Photos: Marc Jacobs


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