editorial: sunshine daydream

As a professional daydreamer,

And true sun lover I can’t help but get curious when running across an editorial with the name Sunshine Daydream. I found it – well, online of course but anyhow – in the July edition of Vogue Australia. And it’s just as great as it sounds.

What you see is the gorgeous Hedvig Palm shot by photographer Sebastian Kim. I love the whole atmosphere of the photos. It’s very basic, yet bohemian and – of course it is – dreamy. Very little contrast and flat colors, just how I like it. And look at those dresses! All you need for summer is some crazy printed maxi dresses right?

Honestly, this whole editorial inspires me to just go shopping again. Cause it made me realize I really do not own enough maxi dresses. I do not own a lot of money either though. O well, Dutch summers are pretty cold anyway. So I guess I’m just gonna stare at the photos some more.

Photos: Visual Optimism

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