Controversial subjects aren’t unusual for the Vogue Italia reader. Editor in chief Franca Sozzani is definitely one to show stuff fashion usually isn’t all that fond about, like plus-size or models with dark colored skin. Or murder. 

The April edition of Italian Vogue contains a shoot called Horror Movie. These photos shot by photographer Steven Meisel are pretty horrendous indeed, considering all the blood and horrified looks the models have on their faces. It’s actually about domestic violence and these woman are obviously the victims.

“Let’s do a horror show”, is what Sozzani said to her photographer and that’s definitely what it turned out to be. What do you think? Too much or fashionably appropriate? I think it’s the lather really and I do like how Italian Vogue likes to press issues that are controversial in fashion. It’s too bad they had to mess up the clothes though.

Source: The Citizens of Fashion

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