Pink sweater outfit

Let me tell you a story about a girl and her pink sweater,

She loved it, the pink sweater. But she hardly ever wore it, because she didn’t really know how to. Okay, let’s cut out the story, of course the girl is me. And I am in love with my pink sweater. But somehow I always kind of feel a little bit childish in it. Doesn’t help my boyfriend hates it either.

Pink sweater inspiration

So there’s only one option: look for ways to wear it. And where better to start looking than Pinterest? Even though this is usually my go to inspiration app, I have to say – with great regret – it disappointed me this time. I couldn’t find the perfect sweater outfit I was looking for.

On Wednesdays we wear pink

Now what? Feeling kinda lost, I decided to do an old-fashioned Google search. And guess what? I found something! More than one thing actually, though I’m not quite sure if every outfit down below is my style, it is good inspiration. Let’s wear pink! And not just on Wednesdays.

Highlighted photo thanks to the fashion cuisine

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