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Christmas is my fave time of the year,

Especially when it’s snowy outside and you don’t have to go anywhere. When you can just stay in and chill with a hot cup of coco underneath a nice warm blanket – like the cliché you are. Netflix knows and this year decided to help you a little, by releasing some of the most cliché, girly movies. Which we love, right? So here’s the three you can’t miss if you ask me. You know where to find me this Christmas.

A Christmas Prince

This might be the most talked about Christmas movie of the year. A Christmas Prince is the most cliché film you can imagine. You have a blond kinda naive girl, a girl and gay best friend, a job she hates and a crush on a cute guy. Basically you can see where this is going from the first minute.

Christmas Inheritance

Okay, I have to be honest here: I didn’t watch this one yet. But the trailer alone makes it obvious that this is a must see for Christmas. Might even be worse – or better, depends on who’s asking – as the one up here.

A Wish For Christmas

Hello, Gretchen Wiener! It’s been a long time, but she’s back with an epic role. Okay, epic might be a little too much, but please watch this one when you’re in a sappy Christmas mood and the boyfriend is nowhere to be seen – because you will be laughed at, I promise you. This one is amazingly cliché, loved it.

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