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Crazy eyebrow trends,

What to do with it? Since Cara Delevingne we are all completely fanatic for the somewhat fuller – say, thick – eyebrow. So we can leave those tweezers in our toiletry bag more often and that’s nice. A somewhat lesser development nowadays is the crazy eyebrow. And I do not mean the one with the little bit shaved off – do you remember them? In the category ‘makes no sense’, I present to you:

1. The halo

The latest and perhaps the weirdest version in crazy eyebrows. How do you let this grow for god’s sake? That just can not be done?

Halo eyebrow trend

Via Stella Sirens 

2. The fishtail

Whether it’s a fishtail or some sort of devil horns on her forehead, no idea. In any case, you will not see me walking around with this eyebrow cut.

Fishtail eyebrow trend

Via SkyzEdits 

3. The feather

I love feathers, don’t get me wrong. But I still prefer them in my interior, jewelery or – okay okay – my hair. But on my forehead? Not so much.

Feather eyebrow trend

Via Hannah Lyne 

More inspiration?

When writing this article I found out Cosmopolitan also made a nice compilation of the weirdest eyebrow trends in 2017. Check ’em here , if you want to get inspired for a new eyebrow cut.

Top photo via Paula 

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