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It’s square,

It’s gold, it’s what? My new favorite necklace! This beauty by Essa Design is subtle, yet it can totally pimp up an outfit and it goes with every one of them. Therefor it turned out to be my favorite necklace. I could wear it every day.

I got it at a market a couple weeks ago. Actually, it was made for me by one of the two designers who founded the brand. You see, I wanted a square necklace, but they only had a short. Problems! Or not? They just made it for me, exactly the length I wanted it to be. How sweet!

So of course after that I had to check out their website to see what else they could do. Lot’s of stuff, as it turns out. These two Amsterdam-based designers are definitely a couple to watch. Especially if you’re into subtle cute golden necklaces like I am. I’m actually trying to figure out what will be my next buy right now.

Photo on top: Kim Buining Fotografie
Photos down here: Essa Design

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