Spicy Scarves

What’s the ultimate accessory?

A scarf, definitely. If you have the right one, you have all accessories in one. And so is the case with Spicy Scarves. Luckily I own one of those ánd got the chance to talk to the beauty and brains behind the concept: Waheeda Afriat. A girl that’s always worked in fashion she definitely knows what she’s doing. And that shows.

“Spicy scarves are supposed to be for three generations”, she told me. “Daughter, mother and grandma. And also: for every culture.” Wait, what? How is a scarf a cultural thing? Simple: “Every culture has one. Whether it’s a sarong, a headscarf or those small scarves they wear in old Dutch culture.”

The looks

So that’s her target. Next question: what’s it gonna look like? Waheeda turned to her own experience for that. “I traveled a lot for my job so I lived out of my suitcase, which means I could never take much. Every outfit has a certain pack of accessories though: jewelry, a belt, a scarf. You need to take so many just to compliment all the outfits you’re bringing. So I decided to combine my accessories to make one essential thing.”

Spicy Scarves

Mixed up

That turned out to be the first Spicy scarf. Seagreen with silver and bronze, her favorite colors. She still wears it most, but the collection has grown ever since. “That first one got me so many orders, even though I wasn’t even planning to start a label back then. But I started to think of a concept. I was born and raised in the Nederlands, but my parents are a mix of so many different cultures. You can see that in my designs.”

Inspiration everywhere

And what about the name? “I want my scarves to spice up your outfit, so Spicy Scarves. Also: I like to put colors and materials together that are slightly unusual. I see pretty colors and shapes everywhere. My inspirational scrapbook is huge. Comfort is still the most important thing though. You see, a woman is most beautiful if she feels good. So I have very high standards regarding the material I use.”

Quality goals

High standards, definitely. Because Waheeda still makes every first design herself. “So I can tell if it works. If not, I keep changing it until it does.” And when it does, it gets made right here in Amsterdam so everything can be done pretty fast. “Which means I can go from an idea to the actual scarf in two weeks. Ideal!”

Fall favorites

Sounds good right? The fall collection just got in so you better check that out. I picked my favorite already, even though it was a hard choice with so much cuteness. Disagree? You can also get one custom made so you can get it just right. And FYI, there will be an outfit post up soon with my pretty spicy one.

Spicy Scarves

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