I might be a little addicted to my phone,

A little, yes. And I’ve been trying to look less at that thing lately. I can however get very happy when receiving a new gadget for it. I might be a little bit of a nerd, yes. Anyhow, maybe I can make you happy as well. Because you can win 20 euros shopping credit to buy a new phone case or any other phone accessory.

To disco or not to disco?

Let me just nerd-out here for a second. Because how cute is that little bluetooth speaker in the photo up here? I was so happy when I got this. Looks good, sounds good. Love this little thing.

Start shopping!

Okay, get to the point: do you feel like shopping as well? You can win 20 euros of shopping credit f0r Telefoonhoesjestore by doing this:

Good luck!

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