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Time for some fashion inspiration, boyfriend jeans style,

Because I’ve been wearing them more and more lately and they’re so cute! Though sometimes I feel like I’m a little too boyfriendy in my boyfriend jeans. Get it? They’re wide and big and not all that flattering for your figure. But I love them. So I went out on Pinterest and looked for some fashion inspiration. I discovered multiple options:

1. Oversized all the way

I ran into this one quite a lot. Which is funny, because I’d usually combine a loose item with a tighter one. Like a tight skirt with loose top. So the boyfriend jeans would be the opposite. Except it turns out it’s pretty fun to wear wide jeans and a wide top together.

2. Fancy heels and blazer

What’s more fun than a fashion contrast? So of course the boyfriend jeans has one too. You simple combine the pants with a fancy blazer and cute heels, preferably pink. Good thing I’m in a pastel pink kind of mood lately. Love this combo!

3. Sweater weather

This one is sort of a combination of the two. The jeans, a top and instead of the tailored blazer: the little more casual sweater. You can wear this one with heels or sneakers, depending on what kind of mood you’re in I guess. Which is your favorite?

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