Fashion inspiration skater skirt

So the skater skirt,

It was about time I had a new fashion obsession, right? Last time, it was pencil skirts and sweaters. Now, I’ve turned about 360 degrees. Or well, it’s still a skirt so maybe not 360. A different kind of skirt though: the skater skirt. Short and wide instead of long and tight – which rhymes, awesome. Anyhow: time for some inspiration!

Do or don’t?

Because as a girl with a lot of thigh and hip, an a-line skirt is not my first kind of choice. Add more width there? No, thank you! The upside though, adding more width does accentuate that teeny tiny – a little exaggerating is okay – waistline. Yes, please! So that’s a yes to the skater skirt. Another upside? It’s very comfi in summer heat.

How to wear it?

Of course the biggest question always is: how to wear it? The number one rule for me always is: wide on the bottom ór top. Meaning, if you wear a wide skirt – like the skater version I’ve been loving lately – make sure you add a little tightness on top. You do want to show off that sexy figure of course.

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