Fashion inspiration: sweaters & skirts

Sweaters & skirts are my new obsession,

No really. I love this combination. Preferable a tight yet long skirt – over knee even – combined with a super loose and warm sweater. In black, grey or white. Yep, I’m still not over my colorless phase. Though I did wear one of those skirts in dark blue last week so there’s a start. Anyway, of course I started looking for some fashion inspiration: sweaters & skirts.

Leather skirt

So there’s one certain kind of skirt that makes this outfit super fancy, even with the loose sweater. It’s the leather skirt. That one piece of fashion that makes your outfit fancy, sexy and tough at the same time. I tend to feel overdressed in it a little bit, so combining it with the most casual sweater is my favorite thing.


Another fun sweaters & skirts outfit is the co-ord version. Wearing the same color on the bottom as you do on top. Preferably the same fabric as well. Super cute! I have been wearing this in summer, but it’s fabulous for winter as well.

Fashion inspiration: sweaters & skirts

Of course I had to go and look for some inspiration regarding this new obsession of mine. And guess what? It’s the perfect excuse to go shopping again. Check it out. Fashion inspiration: sweaters & skirts.

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