Tony Cohen summer

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Me on Instagram you might have spotted a very enthusiastic caption under a kinda blurry photo last Friday. Now usually I wouldn’t have posted a blurry photo, but I was just so impressed by this collection I had to share. I’m talking about the Tony Cohen summer 2016 collection.

I got to see his collection first hand at Amsterdam Fashionweek and it was amazing. Lots beautiful of blacks, whites and nudes. Flowy dresses, perfect cut blazers and great details. I loved it. And I wasn’t the only one, seeing as the guests all clapped their hands off after.

Fun thing is that he showed both women and mens pieces, but I must say: I liked the female part better. The menswear just seemed a little old to me. Pretty, but not my style. The women though, those outfits. Can I have them in my closet right now? Here’s my favorite looks from the show.

Photos: Team Peter Stigter

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