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there’s a social media account you just have to follow. Like Conde Elevator on Twitter or Mini Style Hacker on Instagram. Right now there’s another Instagram account that made the online world shake to its foundations. Say hi to Skellie, who’s photos are pretty dead, so to say. 

You know when you love things to death or it’s so good you’re dying? Well, Dana Herlihey decided to take that pretty literally. She takes photos of a skeleton doing the most average things you see on your Instagram-feed all the time. Like drinking Starbucks, wearing fun outfits and even take mirror selfies in the bathroom. It’s hilarious really. To Buzzfeed she explained the why and how of this new online phenomenon:

“I basically stumbled upon the creation of omgliterallydead,” the 30-year-old social media manager told BuzzFeed Life. “In early October, a pose-able, plastic skeleton arrived at our office. My coworkers took to it; someone taped a Starbucks cup to the skeleton’s hand and I took a photo for my personal Instagram. I continued taking photos of the skeleton and then, on a whim, thought it would be funny for the office skeleton to have its own account. Eventually I realized there was some interesting potential for contemporary satire, so I ran with it, and it has kind of snowballed since.”

If you haven’t seen @omgliterallydead yet, I suggest you check it out because it will brighten up your day for sure. Here’s some of my favorites, but I guarantee you’ll want to see more.

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